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The Drive to Uqbar album used as the score to Manuele Cecconello’s film ‘Sorgenti del burro’


The Drive to Uqbar album Red Under White Over Yellow was used as the score to Manuele Cecconello’s film Sorgenti del burro. The project is multi media; a photography book by Andrea Taglier and a film by Cecconello. Find availability here: Sorgenti del burro

Some words about the project:

Habitat of milk
After “Sentire l’aria” (2010) Manuele Cecconello and Andrea Taglier return to collaborate for a publishing project that sees a new photographic book and documentary film. At the center is the theme of small mountain food production, “resistant” and of the highest quality: the raw milk butter of the Ramella family. From the Manifesto of the project “Latte vivo” (Association for the Valle Elvo Ecomuseum and Serra ONLUS): “Raw milk is a living compound, whose quality derives from that of the grass and the welfare of the animals that, by grazing, choose freely It is milk as it comes out of the breast, which does not undergo treatments and retains all its richness.Working raw milk is to understand and govern, without distorting it, the balance of a biological process in the environment of which one is part, controlling the health of the animals and the wholesomeness of milk, is to create a product with a personality that binds it to a territory and a philosophy of life “.
The film and the photographic book want to give an artistic interpretation of this specific agreement between women and nature in the Alps of Biella. The images freely draw the daily story of mother and daughter, Renata and Tiziana, intent on patiently composing their mosaic of gestures guided by ancient knowledge and today’s necessities. “Sorgenti del burro” shows the table of the first elements of a basic food for the Alpine populations that today is the symbol of a generational history forged between nature and culture, work and hard work. Mother and daughter live as privileged “inhabitants” of their world, they question themselves about their future, but they do not stop to infuse that alchemy of wisdom and delicacy with butter that gives it an extraordinary, elegiac and powerful taste: in a single curl there it is that grain of truth that reveals the unity of everything: sun, water, rocks, grass, animals, women and men.

Barnett Newman foundation contacts us…

Heidi Newman note croppedBarnett Newman and Jorge Luis Borges- two artists whose works have consistently inspired The Drive to Uqbar (Our Third release, ‘First Station‘, for instance, was influenced by Newman’s ‘Stations of the Cross‘ series of paintings. While our name derives from Borges’s “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius“), we were understandably astounded then, upon receiving the following from Heidi Colsman-Freyberger, curator of the Barnett Newman Foundation:

“Greetings, Keith.

Five years later I am reminded of your project as I come across a note in Barnett Newman’s hand:

No indication as to what this refers to or in what context the note was made. Eventually I find out that it is “note 4” in Jorge Luis Borges’ “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius” which, it appears, elicited a reaction in both Barnett Newman and you.

With best regards,

A handwritten note, found serendipitously among Newman’s papers, containing a quote from Borges’s “Tlon…”

This became a dual interest being that during the making of ‘First Station’ it came to our attention that Newman had named a painting after James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses‘- of which our second album, ‘North Strand‘ had been inspired by.

The Drive to Uqbar – Soundtrack for Manuele Cecconello film

The Drive to Uqbar has contributed to the soundtrack of the Manuele Cecconello film Come la luce differita delle stelle“A memory of the Vajont between Erto and Casso and Spoon River. 2013.”

10553544_879133392099985_778881310364220185_nThe Drive to Uqbar’s new album titled Red Under White Over Yellow completed.

The Drive to Uqbar’s new album titled Red Under White Over Yellow is ready to be shipped in CD format. Digital WAV and MP3 formats are coming soon. Go here to purchase.

Additionally, The Drive to Uqbar has done some soundtrack work on Manuele Cecconello’s film Come La Luce Differita Delle Stelle (Like Delayed Starlight). Click here for festival info on this beautiful piece of cinema.

10553544_879133392099985_778881310364220185_nPreview track, “Kuyahoora”, from new album, ‘Red Under White Over Yellow’, slated for August 2014 release.

The Drive to Uqbar’s new album titled ‘Red Under White Over Yellow” is being mastered and will be ready for release in late August of 2014.

In other news: Italian filmmaker/artist Manuele Cecconello’s beautiful film ‘Æterna melancholia’ is hitting the festival circuit. Click here for an article on the film and a The Drive to Uqbar mention.

tarkovksyprojectcoverMYASNOYEThe Drive to Uqbar’s “Station No. 2: Myasnoye” used for soundtrack.

Italian filmmaker Manuele Cecconello has included multiple tracks from The Drive to Uqbar’s “Station No. 2: Myasnoye” for the soundtrack to his film; “Aeterna melancholia”, a poetic homage to filmmakers Andrei Tarkovsky and Ingmar Bergman. His work will soon hit the film festival circuit.

In Cecconello’s words: “Islands. Silence. Loneliness.
In 2010 I made a trip to Gotland, the swedish island.
I wanted to live – even if for a few days – in those enigmatic landscapes which have been scenery to important films for my life. Last Andrej Tarkovskij’s work, “The Sacrifice”. And then “The Shame”, “Through a Glass Darkly”, “Persona”, by Ingmar Bergman. Aeterna melacholia is a meditation about artistic creation, self investigation and hope.”


R-4275325-1360428524-8149.jpegAdditionally, The Drive to Uqbar is happy to be included on this James Joyce dedication compilation from netlabel Haze.

Go here to listen to compilation.

Label info on compilation series: “About Sound Interpretation project
The HAZE Netlabel presents the project Sound Interpretations. In this project we propose to rethink literary heritage of the 20th century. Over the 2012-2013 years, each month we will release the compilation dedicated to the 12 most outstanding writers of the 20th century.
You can listen to and download our compilations here: Sound Interpretations.”

TDTU-FirstStationRecord label Essentia Mundi releases The Drive to Uqbar’s “First Station”.

-Release info and link: (EM024) The Drive To Uqbar – First Station. Drone experimental music from the talented US based band The Drive To Uqbar. A thematic release inspired by the paintings of the abstract expressionist artist Barnett Newman. Release date 31.07.2012.

-Essentia Mundi’s First Station info page can be found here.

-We received a wonderful letter from the Barnett Newman Foundation’s Heidi Colsman-Freyberger:

“We have had a chance to listen and were mesmerized. Speaking for myself, I have had only sporadic exposure to ambient music and I also lack the proper vocabulary to comment on your compositions so you must bear with me. But I can say this: listening to the tracks one by one and guided by your liner notes I got glimpses of your interpretation of Barnett Newman’s paintings. Like the paintings, each track has its very own personality which clearly asserts itself. The many shimmering textures keep me involved and induce an almost meditative state. Not unlike the paintings that inspired you. Rebecca Reis-Miller’s distinctive voice hovers over the soundscapes. Does her “song” involve words? A melody, vaguely familiar, seems to emerge in track 6 and perhaps also conventional lyrics . . . My favorite track right now is Ulysses. By the way, in the liner notes you are referring to the blue cover of _your_ copy of Joyce’s novel being _your_ inspiration, right?Thank you for sharing your work with us. I would like to think that our artist would have been moved to learn that he continues to inspire artists also in disciplines other than his own.”

-A track from the album First Station- <iframe

The Drive to Uqbar – Horizon Light (Ambient Music) from The Drive to Uqbar on Vimeo.


A promo video for the new album; Station No.2: Myasnoye- <iframe

The Drive to Uqbar – Station No. 2: Myasnoye – promo video from The Drive to Uqbar on Vimeo.

tarkovksyprojectcoverMYASNOYEThe Drive to Uqbar – Station No. 2: Myasnoye & North Strand (remastered, repackaged) CD releases, June 16th.

The Drive to Uqbar’s album Station No. 2: Myasnoye, an Andrei Tarkovsky inspired work,  will be issued on CD & the previously issued  North Strand (remastered, repackaged) CD, will both be released tomorrow, June 16th 2012.

Please go here to purchase.

tarkovksyprojectcoverMYASNOYEPreview track from the album “Station No. 2: Myasnoye” & liner notes.

A preview track, Last Night I Had A Terribly Sad Dream, from the soon to be released Andrei Tarkovsky inspired album “Station No. 2: Myasnoye”.


A short documentary is currently being filmed and should be finished soon for a pre-release promotion. The album has been released and can be purchased here.

Station No. 2: Myasnoye liner notes:

A rattling bicycle fender; distant cow maidens blurting musically; sheep scurrying right to left—soft thunder: silent, powerful time in limbo. This scene, from late Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky’s last film, Offret, inspired me to compose a track eventually titled “A Gotland Stroll (Location Hunting).” Equally significant (possibly more so), though, was the image of Tarkovsky himself scouring the barren Gotland countryside in Sweden searching for shooting locations. Very satisfied with the final track, I felt compelled to write an entire album devoted to these dual inspirational sources—both the man and his films.

A previous music project, First Station, was also an homage—to late abstract expressionist, Barnett Newman. In contrast to that experience—approached like a blank slate, minus any aesthetic limitations or constrictions—producing Station No. 2: Myasnoye proved intimidating, for, in cinema (unlike painting), sound already exists—environmentally as well as musically; moreover, in Tarkovsky’s cinematic universe, sounds are as fundamental as the imagery. This anxiety of influence, coupled with that ever-present artistic dilemma—being derivative, in this case by merely echoing the films’ pre-existing sounds—led on several occasions to the project nearly being abandoned. However, it eventually became clear that at least some shades of Tarkovsky would need to be incorporated less the creative process itself be obstructed. Bach and Verdi, therefore, appear in vignettes—not because of their presence in his films, though, but, rather, because both are integral to the man himself.

Tarkovsky’s published diaries, Martyrology, influenced Myasnoye more than anything else. One inspirational passage, from July, 1986, recorded while he was being treated for terminal cancer at a German clinic in Oschelbronn, reflects Tarkovsky’s powerful connection with nature:

Yesterday I went out for a walk, and was suddenly
overcome with an inexplicable urge: I took my
shoes off and walked barefoot on the cold earth.

This poignant reflection—autobiographical evidence of the nature theme that permeates his films—not only provides revelatory insight into the man himself but also, specifically, inspired the album’s final track

Ambient music demands listeners to observe: sounds float in-and-out of their environment. Tarkovsky’s films require the same: observation. Aural elements—environmental, musical—are integral to experiencing his work. Field recordings are thus incorporated throughout Myasnoye, creating a rich, dense texture.

This album, one hopes, will both be worthy of Tarkovsky’s talent and honest approach to his art as well as stand on its own as an Ambient work deserving to be listened to—and observed.

Cover_MOSMechanics of Silence CD released.

We have received the CD issue of the Essentia Mundi compilation Mechanics of Silence that The Drive to Uqbar contributed a track, video, and a story. A wonderful presentation from the record label Essentia Mundi. The story that C. Holliday and K. Rose collaborated on is included in the liner notes. This compilation can be purchased here. Essentia will be releasing the The Drive to Uqbar album First Station in the coming months.

The forthcoming Andrei Tarkovsky inspired project Station No. 2: Myasnoye is in its final stages. T.D.T.U. have been honored to receive help from Mr. Tarkovsky’s son, Andrei Jr. Myasnoye is scheduled to be finished and available for purchase by late Spring.

tarkovksyprojectcoverMYASNOYECover art for forthcoming project.

We have finished four tracks and a few interludes for the forthcoming Andrei Tarkovsky-inspired project, Station No.2: Myasnoye. Thematically, we’re concentrating more on the man himself and his experiences/observations–complex and simple, honest and contradictive, than simply echoing his films and the sounds within them. The cover art is complete: please see attachment.

Additionally, we’re still in the process of creating a score for an upcoming horror movie; in fact, a second track has been added.

thedrivetouqbarcovermay2013(nonflatten)sanstextforprintUpcoming projects & releases.

The Drive to Uqbar has been a bit busy as of late. Our album First Station will soon be released in physical form by Ambient-Experimental record label Essentia Mundi. Please go here for info. and updates. For the digital download (lossless WAV) of First Station, please click here.

Our forthcoming album, an homage to the late Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, tentatively titled: Station No. 2: Myasnoye, is currently in the works. A few tracks have been completed, including a lovely “mistake”: We had our cellist Yamilet Trujillo play Bach’s Erbarme dich as a recording session for the piece tentatively titled The Fresco. It was to be woven into the Ambient drones and various outside commentaries of piano and vocals. During this process, we had Yamilet improvise–loosely play within the phrasing but injecting her own personal aired-out take of the piece. The first take was inspiring enough to have her continue with several additional takes. We ultimately decided to release this improvisational session as a stand-alone track (on the album), tentatively titled And I Am Terribly Tired. Here are the results-

Our first Cinema Travelog Installment: The first in a series of voyage-themed films created under the “The Drive to Uqbar” concept can be found here.

We have officially opened our store. Please click here to visit our store.

The “images” pages on this site is updated often. We like to get images from our travels. This is all a part of the T.D.T.U. concept. Click here to visit our photolog.

Video for the track “NoH (for Japan)”

A piece we wrote for a compilation to help get funds to the Red Cross for Japan.

ReBe’s airy vocals on this one are extraordinary–very “Ambient” as she blends and fuses with the enveloping sounds.

Yamilet Trujillo on cello.

Please go here for more info. on the compilation:

All profits go to the Red Cross for Japan.

“Mechanics of Silence”  

The Drive to Uqbar is proud to be featured on Mechanics of Silence, an 11 track album released by the record label Essentia Mundi.  This album features 11 artists from around the world and all proceeds will benefit Red Cross Japan.

Cover_MOSRelease title: Mechanics Of Silence
Format: Compilation / Digital Download
Style: Drone Dark Ambient Electronic
Duration: 11 Tracks / 76 min.
Release Date: 14 April 2011
Released by: Essentia Mundi label


Following suggestions from fellow artists (special thanks to Keith / The Drive To Uqbar) we concluded that there is maybe a way we can help Japan. Initially not planned so soon this year, the second Essentia Mundi compilation found its honest predestination now.
All the profits from the sales of it will go for Red Cross Japan.


The theme chosen is around the concept of “silence.” The compilation is meant as an eulogy to silence, simplicity and minimalism.

The style of the music is drone, ambient electronic, minimal compositions, a bit experimental, a bit dark. Music includes field recordings, electro-acoustic even some world music elements (Japan) and noises, it is not aggressive in expression, nor it is ‘happy’ music.

To purchase the album visit