Monthly Archives: August 2011

thedrivetouqbarcovermay2013(nonflatten)sanstextforprintUpcoming projects & releases.

The Drive to Uqbar has been a bit busy as of late. Our album First Station will soon be released in physical form by Ambient-Experimental record label Essentia Mundi. Please go here for info. and updates. For the digital download (lossless WAV) of First Station, please click here.

Our forthcoming album, an homage to the late Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, tentatively titled: Station No. 2: Myasnoye, is currently in the works. A few tracks have been completed, including a lovely “mistake”: We had our cellist Yamilet Trujillo play Bach’s Erbarme dich as a recording session for the piece tentatively titled The Fresco. It was to be woven into the Ambient drones and various outside commentaries of piano and vocals. During this process, we had Yamilet improvise–loosely play within the phrasing but injecting her own personal aired-out take of the piece. The first take was inspiring enough to have her continue with several additional takes. We ultimately decided to release this improvisational session as a stand-alone track (on the album), tentatively titled And I Am Terribly Tired. Here are the results-

Our first Cinema Travelog Installment: The first in a series of voyage-themed films created under the “The Drive to Uqbar” concept can be found here.

We have officially opened our store. Please click here to visit our store.

The “images” pages on this site is updated often. We like to get images from our travels. This is all a part of the T.D.T.U. concept. Click here to visit our photolog.