Monthly Archives: March 2012

Cover_MOSMechanics of Silence CD released.

We have received the CD issue of the Essentia Mundi compilation Mechanics of Silence that The Drive to Uqbar contributed a track, video, and a story. A wonderful presentation from the record label Essentia Mundi. The story that C. Holliday and K. Rose collaborated on is included in the liner notes. This compilation can be purchased here. Essentia will be releasing the The Drive to Uqbar album First Station in the coming months.

The forthcoming Andrei Tarkovsky inspired project Station No. 2: Myasnoye is in its final stages. T.D.T.U. have been honored to receive help from Mr. Tarkovsky’s son, Andrei Jr. Myasnoye is scheduled to be finished and available for purchase by late Spring.