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TDTU-FirstStationRecord label Essentia Mundi releases The Drive to Uqbar’s “First Station”.

-Release info and link: (EM024) The Drive To Uqbar – First Station. Drone experimental music from the talented US based band The Drive To Uqbar. A thematic release inspired by the paintings of the abstract expressionist artist Barnett Newman. Release date 31.07.2012.

-Essentia Mundi’s First Station info page can be found here.

-We received a wonderful letter from the Barnett Newman Foundation’s Heidi Colsman-Freyberger:

“We have had a chance to listen and were mesmerized. Speaking for myself, I have had only sporadic exposure to ambient music and I also lack the proper vocabulary to comment on your compositions so you must bear with me. But I can say this: listening to the tracks one by one and guided by your liner notes I got glimpses of your interpretation of Barnett Newman’s paintings. Like the paintings, each track has its very own personality which clearly asserts itself. The many shimmering textures keep me involved and induce an almost meditative state. Not unlike the paintings that inspired you. Rebecca Reis-Miller’s distinctive voice hovers over the soundscapes. Does her “song” involve words? A melody, vaguely familiar, seems to emerge in track 6 and perhaps also conventional lyrics . . . My favorite track right now is Ulysses. By the way, in the liner notes you are referring to the blue cover of _your_ copy of Joyce’s novel being _your_ inspiration, right?Thank you for sharing your work with us. I would like to think that our artist would have been moved to learn that he continues to inspire artists also in disciplines other than his own.”

-A track from the album First Station- <iframe

The Drive to Uqbar – Horizon Light (Ambient Music) from The Drive to Uqbar on Vimeo.


A promo video for the new album; Station No.2: Myasnoye- <iframe

The Drive to Uqbar – Station No. 2: Myasnoye – promo video from The Drive to Uqbar on Vimeo.