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The Drive to Uqbar album used as the score to Manuele Cecconello’s film ‘Sorgenti del burro’


The Drive to Uqbar album Red Under White Over Yellow was used as the score to Manuele Cecconello’s film Sorgenti del burro. The project is multi media; a photography book by Andrea Taglier and a film by Cecconello. Find availability here: Sorgenti del burro

Some words about the project:

Habitat of milk
After “Sentire l’aria” (2010) Manuele Cecconello and Andrea Taglier return to collaborate for a publishing project that sees a new photographic book and documentary film. At the center is the theme of small mountain food production, “resistant” and of the highest quality: the raw milk butter of the Ramella family. From the Manifesto of the project “Latte vivo” (Association for the Valle Elvo Ecomuseum and Serra ONLUS): “Raw milk is a living compound, whose quality derives from that of the grass and the welfare of the animals that, by grazing, choose freely It is milk as it comes out of the breast, which does not undergo treatments and retains all its richness.Working raw milk is to understand and govern, without distorting it, the balance of a biological process in the environment of which one is part, controlling the health of the animals and the wholesomeness of milk, is to create a product with a personality that binds it to a territory and a philosophy of life “.
The film and the photographic book want to give an artistic interpretation of this specific agreement between women and nature in the Alps of Biella. The images freely draw the daily story of mother and daughter, Renata and Tiziana, intent on patiently composing their mosaic of gestures guided by ancient knowledge and today’s necessities. “Sorgenti del burro” shows the table of the first elements of a basic food for the Alpine populations that today is the symbol of a generational history forged between nature and culture, work and hard work. Mother and daughter live as privileged “inhabitants” of their world, they question themselves about their future, but they do not stop to infuse that alchemy of wisdom and delicacy with butter that gives it an extraordinary, elegiac and powerful taste: in a single curl there it is that grain of truth that reveals the unity of everything: sun, water, rocks, grass, animals, women and men.