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thedrivetouqbarcovermay2013(nonflatten)sanstextforprintFBsmallThe Drive to Uqbar (formerly Minus 3)—made up of filmmaker and sound artist Keith G. Rose and vocalist Rebecca Reis-Miller—create an eclectic form of Ambient music: operatic, enveloping, disquieting, and infused with multifarious field recordings.

Released in 2008, the album Minus One is a compilation of ambient-inspired tracks originally written as scores for a variety of independent films. Subsequently,  North Strand, influenced by James Joyce’s novel Ulysses, was released in 2010. Afterwards, Minus 3 became The Drive to Uqbar and, based upon the works of fittingly minimalist artist Barnett Newman, released, in 2011, a second concept album, First Station. An album inspired by the late filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky titled; Station No.2: Myasnoye was released on June 16th 2012. Red Under White Over Yellow, their 5th album was released in 2014- less of a concept album and more of a found-inspiration; a departure that the group felt it needed.

Though music is our first priority, The Drive to Uqbar, as an entity, is much more–a voyage (“a drive”) of sorts encompassing film, photography (though not purely), and literary works. Combining, and sometimes blurring, all of these media lines, we create our travelog; our experiences, artistically and non, are left here to find.

The sounds, images, and words that we create are, collectively, part of what we (have) experience(d) during our “drive”.

Where is Uqbar? Go here.

Uqbar is pronounced: ook-bar…maybe uhk-bar (?), Still looking.



34317_137795469567118_5725421_nKeith G. Rose: music (guitars, field recordings, concepts), photography, words, cinema.

An independent film/video artist and Ambient sound artist born in Utica, New York in 1968, now based out of Orlando, Florida. Initially trained as a graphic artist on a scholarship.

A sample of Rose’s over 30 filmworks include; Falconetti (13 min., 2005), Brush and Cough (6 min., 2007), Constant (8 min., 2008), Dorchla (20 min., 1999), Elevator (8 min., 2010), & Trucker (31 min., 2011). His films can best be described as meditations. The long takes and slow, enveloping pacing add to the alienation of the images, creating a general sense of desolation. These elements are not unlike the approach he takes to his music treatments; in fact, he describes his films as “Ambient cinema.” Outside of various rock bands, Rose founded the Ambient music group Minus One (2008) and Minus 3 (2010), releasing an album with both groups and has since released 4 albums under the monicker The Drive To Uqbar.

“I do not like art competitions of any kind, in fact, I avoid anything of the kind. With that said, you will not find any of my work on the IMDB website (at least last time I checked.) as an example. My work has only been displayed. I also enjoy a post screening Q&A and discussion, which I have done many times at a few colleges.”

Here are a few links to his filmworks: & &

Rose has been active writing scores, sound design, and color design for others films. A few links to those works:


34159_142515635761768_923776_nRebecca Reis-Miller “ReBe”: vocals & various input.

Originally from Newport, RI and currently residing in Orlando, FL.  ReBe has been a musician since she was 10 years old, performing clarinet, oboe, and vocals.  She briefly studied music education at the University of Florida, music performance at Valencia College and the University of Central Florida, and recently performed in the opera Tales of Hoffman at Valencia College.  Furthermore, she studied opera privately with several Central Florida teachers.  Her love of music goes hand-in-hand with her love for food: ReBe co-founded Slow Food Orlando, and her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to start companies that support food sustainability.



Yamilet Trujillo: cello.

Yamilet graduated from UCF with a Bachelors degree in Music Performance and is currently working on a Masters degree in Music Education. She also
performs regularly with the group Violetric, Space Coast Pops and Space Coast Symphony Orchestra.




IMG_5523C. Holliday “Word Boy”: literary/text, videography

Director of two feature-length films—a documentary, Wallman (2003), and a minimalist narrative, The Smallest Atom Stirs (2010), (which features a score by The Drive to Uqbar), C. Holliday teaches English and film at Valencia College in Orlando and, for The Drive to Uqbar, performs grammar, punctuation, prose, & cinematography duties.


early-envelope-pic Gear: K. Rose uses Fender, Rickenbacker, Ibanez, and Gibson guitars. Tones come from Vox amplifiers.

Effects: MemoryMan, RAT, Digitech, Boss, Acetone (treated) and Vox…and.

Mics are made by MXL & Shure. Cables are from Monster Cable. Apple computers, Apogee, Adam monitors and when they were hit by lightning, Yamaha came to the rescue, Sennheiser, Sony, Zoom field recording equipment.


All music recordings (guitars, treatments, piano, cello, vocals, etc) take place at Stations Recording Room.

Contact: Email us at:


Credits & thanks:

Photos and images by K. Rose, the few exceptions by C. Holliday, J. Crandall, & G. Kock.

The Drive to Uqbar would like to thank the Barnett Newman Foundation for their support of the album First Station.

We would like to acknowledge the great literary figure Jorge Luis Borges as a direct influence on the concept of T.D.T.U.

The site’s design (within the limitations) and maintenance by K. Rose.

Many thanks to David Clow & Edward Jose for all other assistance with this site.

Special thanks to Trond Trondsen for all of his support and promotion.


This site is a The Drive to Uqbar production.