keithbeachsilveredleft2Cinema Short films by Keith G. Rose of the T.D.T.U. “Ambient cinema”.




CM Capture 1Music Videos – The Drive to Uqbar music videos. 




constantfilmstillMoving images links (all) – One page with links to all moving images.




oilcan2Photolog: On the way to Uqbar – Still images from our “Drive”.



NewmanMOMA1fixA visit to MOMA and Barnett Newman – Pictures from M.O.M.A.



10553544_879133392099985_778881310364220185_nAlbum Covers – Art work from The Drive to Uqbar’s album covers.




TRUCKER-intocitylightsvariabletextnov2010TDTUprodFIXFilm Posters – Movie poster art work from films by Keith G. Rose of T.D.T.U.




CM Capture 1T.D.T.U. Working – Various shots of the group working.