IMG_0157_1_2Travelog Installment: The Drive to Uqbar (a continuing voyage) – Uqbar? (ook-bar). This is the first installment, in words, of our voyage as a group. Perhaps…this road has no terminus.   




A story for Japan – A story we wrote for record label Essentia Mundi’s compilation CD which was created to provide funds to the Japan Red Cross tsunami relief effort. 





em024First Station: Track descriptions – The creative process behind each individual track of the Barnett Newman inspired album.

 Though inspired by Barnett Newman’s work, I tried not to intellectualize the music in its relationship to the paintings…


IMG_1144_2_2Lyrics for the track “Prometheus Bound” from the album  ‘First Station’– Latin and English lyrics.




CM Capture 1From a walk at ‘North Strand’
– Some lines of prose inspired by the album ‘North Strand’.