Lyrics for the track “Prometheus Bound” from the album “First Station”


Black Flame (English version)

Black flame.

The Gods pass their judgment.

Upon the Dark Fields,

crushing weight.

Here darkness is defied.

An inextinguishable light.

Across the minimal sky,

The flagrant bird,

come and gone, a wind breath,

through stone columns.

Chains affixed for binding.

Devoured execution, devoured.

These vigorous strokes,

punch through the Black Field,

and under a mighty weight,

these lines ceding an

inextinguishable light.

The darkness only bleeds out.

The black flame,

charring new innards

that lay upon the rocks.

Morning, night, monochromatic,

each day grows back (birth anew).

An inextinguishable light.


Fruvus Flamma (latin version)


furvus flamma

caelicola arbitro

adsterno a caligo elysium

frendo gravitas

hic nox noctis ea responso

inexstinctus candeo


trans aethra persimplex

gloriosus augustus ales alitis

accedo praetereo, ab anima

penetralis lapis intercolumnium

catenas aptus conligato

peredo esum, peredo


audentia demulceo

excudo penetralis furvus elysium

ab infra polleo gravitas

demulceo cedo, ab-

inexstinctus candeo

tenebrae solus crudus


ab furvus flamma

obustus innovo ile

hic conloco adsterno a mons montis

mane indecl, nocturnus, albus fruvus

omnis aurora partus denuo

inexstinctus candeo

-K. Rose

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